Stormy Nights Roll On Fragrance
Stormy Nights Roll On Fragrance
Stormy Nights Roll On Fragrance

Stormy Nights Roll On Fragrance

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The wind blowing the trees, the leaves dancing in the breeze, and the drops of water hitting the pavement. The only thing visible on this dark night are the glimmering raindrops, falling from the sky like tiny shooting stars and forming little pools on the ground that illuminate the moonlight. Thankfully you have Stormy Nights to wear and enjoy during this scary, yet romantic time!
  • Stormy Nights roll on fragrance
  • Does NOT contain alcohol
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • 1/3 fl oz
  • Calming, sensual aroma
Stormy Nights On Fragrance Oil Uses
  • Used as a fragrance to wear
  • Nice calming, sensual aroma
Directions for Use: A fragrance for wearing.
Topical: Roll on your wrists, neck, behind your ears and knees - avoid eye contact
Blends well with: Not Applicable
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