What Are Essential Oils?

I love researching the powerful benefits of essential oils. Did you know that they've been used medicinally and spiritually for thousands of years? Essential oils are still widely used today--I, myself, use them daily. They are a popular go-to for holistic wellness, aromatherapy, alternative medicine, and natural beauty/cleanliness. They are also 100% organic, as the oil comes from the bark, seed, flower or root of a plant. It doesn’t get better than that! If you’re just diving into holistic health, or are looking to learn about natural wellness, essential oils are a great--and perhaps even the most vital--place to start.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are highly aromatic natural oils with countless benefits. They’re derived from chemical compounds (or more specifically, aroma compounds) within various plants. These particles can be taken from each part of a plant, and be used for their unique natural properties and to create powerful fragrances.

Essential Oils Uses

The uses for essential oils are endless! Here are just a few uses for essential oils:

  • Boost immunity and help with flu, cold, allergy and respiratory issues
  • Improve mood and reduce anxiety, depression and stress
  • Ease headaches and sore muscles
  • Purify and enhance hair, skin and nails
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces, fabrics, etc.
Benefits of Different Essential Oils

Every essential oil brings unique benefits. Here are a few of the most popular essential oils with some of how they can improve your life: 

  • Frankincense – Great for boosting immunity, reducing pain and inflammation and relieving chronic stress and anxiety.
  • Lavender – Known for promoting calmness, easing tension and soothing skin irritations.
  • Peppermint – Relied on for easing headaches, relaxing muscles, promoting clear breathing and naturally repelling insects.
  • Lemon – A must-have cleaning tool! Naturally cleansing, and great for energizing and uplifting. 

To see more benefits of different essential oils, check out our full selection of 100% pure essential oils.

How to Use Essential Oils

You can reap the benefits of essential oils in numerous ways. Essential oils are made from organic compounds, which means they are very easy to vaporize. This makes them a prime candidate for diffusing! The delicious scents and potent properties of essential oils mean you use just a little bit to have your space smelling great and contributing to your overall wellness.

You can also apply essential oils topically (wherever needed, from your temples to the soles of your feet), and sometimes even consume them!


Adding essential oils into your daily routine can provide major benefits for your mind, body, and soul. It’s such a simple and enjoyable way to create a comfy, cozy and healthy environment and improve your overall wellness.

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